Lobola Agreement Contract

The dissolution of an ordinary marriage is done with the death of the husband or wife. The marriage could, however, continue if the wife is transferred to a brother of the deceased to bequeath an heir. In the event that the wife returns to her father`s house for alleged abuse, the husband may have to pay a fine to the father before he recovers it (phutuma). If the husband does not come to pick her up within a reasonable time, it is assumed that he intended to dissolve the marriage. If the wife refuses to return to her husband, the husband can claim part of the Lobola. If the husband wants to end the marriage, he could send her back to his father. If the woman were to divorce, the father would have to pay back part of the Lobola. [1] The agreement also contains columns on the date and location of the negotiations, the amount to be paid, the amount and date of payment of the outstanding amount and other conditions agreed upon by the family representatives. Earlier this year, media mogul Basetsana Kumalo posted on social media that she was the only woman on a lobola delegation. Lobola`s agreements are one of the documents that will form the basis for arguments in a court in the event of a dispute. He said there was no method that would incriminate the dignity of a Lobolo agreement that would connect two people and two families throughout their lives. Well, there is now a solution that comes as a standardized form where you feel the most important details of the agreement. Don`t be fooled by its cover logo, although it bears the Bidvest emblem – seen in some neighborhoods as a symbol of “white monopoly capital” – the idea and business are owned by a black guy from Sharpeville.

In order to address legal issues related to marital rights in ordinary marriages, an entrepreneur named Jabulani Mahlangu has developed a legally binding lobola document that can be purchased in supermarkets. Plan to get married and feel intimidated by all the twists and turns of traditional arrangements. Don`t worry anymore, because there is only R99 that you can buy a chord from Lobola. The legally binding document helps families who are negotiating lobola to ensure that all details are recorded. Courtesy #DStv403 A legally binding “Lobola Agreement” is now available in various Shoprite and USave stores across the country for R99.

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