Nsdc Agreement For Skill Training

Training partners receive their JIRA contact information during the kick-off session. “India`s digital transformation is driving demand for technology jobs in every sector and therefore the need for digital skills,” said Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India. “We are very invested in creating a digital skills ecosystem that prepares India`s workforce for the future. Our partnership with the NSDC is an important step in this direction and equips learners with the readily available tools and resources needed to succeed in a digital economy,” he said in a statement. Join the Skill India Mission by becoming a training partner of the NSDC. For more information At the end of the meeting, important contact information from the training partner for the project will be gathered, including senior management, the SPOC of the Monitoring and MIS department and the Ministry of Finance for communication. Each TP is also assigned an SPOC by the NSDC monitoring team, which acts as moderator and coordinator for daily communication, service requests and problem/claims management. Following the signing of the formal agreement between the NSDC and the training partners, essential documents, including a copy of the agreement, the timing, financial model and primary contact information of the TP, must be submitted to the NSDC monitoring team. Vocational training must be sought to transform India into the world`s qualification capital. In agreement with the same Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) intends to establish visible and ambitious model training centres in each district of the country. The NSDC is the agency for implementing the project.

These training centres are located on the state of Model Technical Training Centres (MTCs), called Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK). The model training centres under the PMKK programme are aimed at: TP Hub (Training Partner Portfolio): TP Hub is a web-based application, developed by the NSDC for TPs, in order to update their performance in various qualification initiatives (centre and state) and to present to all relevant stakeholders a consolidated vision of their portfolio of skills. In addition to downloading data, TPs can also prove their successes/distinctions/memberships, etc. During the launch meeting, the NSDC issues partnership certificates to new, funded and unfunded training partners as proof of their membership in the NSDC. Only TPs with a valid partnership certificate and/or a valid agreement have the right to use NSDC Branding (in accordance with NSDC brand guidelines) and to claim benefits of NSDC membership. Microsoft will work with NSDC`s Indian eSkill portal to provide free access to learning resources and launch digital knowledge awareness campaigns to equip the next generation of learners with the skills they need to succeed in a digital economy. These learning pathways will cover a wide range of skills, ranging from digital skills for beginners to advanced product-based skills in critical technologies such as AI and cloud computing, which offer people many opportunities for rehabilitation and improvement by placing the roles required within the reach of job seekers. These include courses on technologies such as cybersecurity, blockchain, AI and machine learning, the cloud, the Internet of Things, as well as professional skills, such as design thinking.

Dr. Manish Kumar, MD and CEO, National Skill Development Corporation, said: “The power of technology should be used to reach young people with size and quality. Online training through digital platforms such as Open P-TECH and eSkill India needs to be accelerated to overcome geographical and socio-economic barriers. Digital learning will enable women to increase their participation in the labour market, as employability opportunities increase. Overall, digital learning will improve employment prospects and livelihoods for young people. Standards – Quality Assurance Team: St

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