This Agreement Is Drawn Up In Two Copies

In the event or in the event of termination of this contract, in accordance with the articles – or `, the contracting parties perform, for example. B, all accounts and payments within two months of the termination date. At the end of the specified term, this agreement loses its validity only. B only after the parties have fulfilled their obligations and enforcement, the execution/effect/implementation of all accounts and payments made by the parties. Contracting parties cannot denounce this agreement. B by mutual consent or in accordance with one of the provisions of this section, before the expiry of the deadline set/provided for in the part of this agreement; No provision of this agreement can be amended, amended or repealed, for example. B by an instrument signed in writing by the contracting parties, and expressly called amendment, amendment or waiver. (c) Part 1 orders z.B. and Part 2 undertakes to carry out the quality work.

Herein/At that/Thereat/On this/For this purpose/With that/Thereby/In this look/To this purpose/In this purpose/In due review Party 1, undertakes to do its best/to do everything in its power within the limits of applicable legislation/within the law; or within the maximum/complete perimeter authorized by law, part1 is in no way responsible. B of business loss, loss of reputation, reputation or good in or any other form of indirect or subsequent damage, whether negligent, breach of contract, breach of legal obligations or any other form of non-compliance with legal obligations or any other form, regardless of Part 2`s disclosure of the likelihood/likelihood of indirect or consequent loss; Immediately after. B, the legal requirements of the parties, such as: part 1, a legal person (constituted/incorporated/founded) in accordance with the laws of the [country] follow, the [date] with registration No.___ as [open/closed limited company/Limited Liability Company/subsidiary/subsidiary/subsidiary/liability insurance company/co-venture/Partnership/representation, etc.] whose legal address is: [// including building/apartment no, city/state, represented by [the name and title of the representative], on the basis of [the legal document, i.e. charter/charter/status/status/authority, etc.] on the one hand, of a party part or part of the first part, and, on the other hand, Part 2, known as the “party” jointly/jointly referred to as “parties,” entered into the agreement under the following conditions: The latter clause may be extended as follows: Given the promises and mutual agreements covered in this agreement/designated/planned/planned/included, the parties have agreed: (a) this agreement is executed in two copies for each party.

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