A Twinning Agreement Meaning

Whether it is a partnership oath, a charter or agreement on partnerships or a cooperation or friendship agreement, it should be submitted to the municipal or municipal council for debate on the ratification of the partnership with the partner city. The partnership oath is then signed at a formal public meeting and is usually announced aloud to those present. The signatory cities commit themselves together, but this is not legally required and there is no recourse, even if problems arise in the future. Although this is rare, a local authority can at any time terminate the partnership by cancelling the ratification of the partnership by deliberation of the municipal council. In Greece, the word αδελφοπίηηη (adelfopiisi – fraternity) was taken up. In Iceland, the terms vinabæir (cities of friends) and vinaborgir (friendly cities) are used. In the former Soviet bloc were used “twin cities” and “twin cities” [8] with города-побратимы (Ru) (sworn sister cities). [9] [10] In Europe, town twinning is supported by the European Union. [1] [2] [5] The aid scheme was set up in 1989.

In 2003, an annual budget of around €12 million was allocated to some 1,300 projects. The Council of European Municipalities and Regions also works closely with the Commission (DG Education and Culture) to promote modern and high-quality partnership initiatives and exchanges involving all parts of the Community. It has launched a website dedicated to twinning. [38] From 1995 on, the European Union maintained more than 7,000 bilateral relations involving nearly 10,000 European municipalities, mainly French (2837 twinnings) and German municipalities (2485 twinnings). [30] Here is a partnership oath model widely used in many countries: a recent study concluded that geographical distance has little or no influence on the choice of a twinned city by municipalities. [41] Twin cities are often chosen for similarities between them; Thus, about fifteen cities in Wales with cities in Brittany and Oxford with Bonn, Leiden, Grenoble and other university cities are urbanizable. [1] In Italy is a good example of town twinning Rovigo with Viernheim, Bedford and Tulcea. . . .

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