Agreement On Cooperation In

the States Parties to this Convention and the State situated in their territory, and these are administrative and territorial formations on behalf of the legal and natural persons which they have authorized under the legislation of the Parties. 1.4 This is voluntary cooperation between the parties as a sole proprietorship and not as a joint venture, joint venture or other legal person, and each party remains responsible for its own activities and may not bind or bind the other party in the absence of another agreement. Deposits in the authorized fund of the company with the investments of the parties are assessed with the authorization between the participants, and in case of creation of the company that belongs entirely to the investor (investors) of gosudarstvauchastnik of this contract, independently. If, in the event of a change in the investment legislation of the Contracting Party to the investment or denunciation of this Agreement, the condition of the activities of enterprises previously established by the Parties in the territory of that State deteriorates, the rules in force at the time of registration of that company shall apply within the next five years. The Russian antimonopoly body has a rich and diversified portfolio of bilateral agreements. During the existence of the Authority, there have been a number of intergovernmental agreements (with China, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil) and inter-ministerial agreements on cooperation on antimonopoly policy (memoranda, joint statements, etc.). (with Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, South Korea, Venezuela, Mexico, Gus Member States, etc.) have been signed and brought into force. These documents provide strategic guidance and forms of cooperation between Russia and the relevant foreign law enforcement authorities in order to develop common positions in key areas of economic development, exchange legal and practical experiences, provide methodological support for audits and consultations, organize training activities and seminars. Cooperation agreements shall be drawn up through reciprocal negotiations in accordance with the relevant legal instruments and then signed by authorised representatives of the parties. However, agreements are living documents and can be amended by both parties or replaced by new agreements, if there are needs and agreements. The investment-related relations of the Contracting Parties shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the law of the State at the place of investment established for investors of that State, this Agreement and other agreements between its participants, as well as international agreements in which the Parties participate. At the same time, by further improving the legislation, the Parties will recognize that the legal regime of the Parties` investments and the activities of investors may not be less favourable to their implementation than the type of investment of the legal and natural persons of the State instead of the investment. The States Parties to this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as Part 3.1.

With regard to cooperation, the parties agreed to describe each payment structure. The profits and other amounts referred to in Article 8 of this Agreement, which investors of the Parties receive in each currency from sources in the territory of the State at the place of investment, may be reinvested in its territory or used for other purposes in accordance with the laws of that State. Investors of each Contracting Party in other States participating in this Agreement (other – investors of the Contracting Parties) are: the legal basis for cooperation shall be defined in the cooperation agreements. . . .

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