Agreement To Sell Format For Plot

CONSEQUENTLY, the Parties have placed and signed their hands and signatures on this Agreement, after having passed the terms of this Agreement as a sign of its validity, on the day, month and year before being written in the presence of the following: – 3. If the first party fails to execute and register the deed of sale for the benefit of the second party or its nominee, the first party shall be bound, on or before the date fixed above, after receipt of the residual performance in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, which is expressly applied by judicial means, at the sole risk and cost of the first supplier and the first party: the second party to pay the lump sum damage. AND CONSIDERING that the First Party has agreed to sell ______ to the second part and the second party has agreed to buy it for a total underperformance of _____/- (_______ only) on the following conditions: – This purchase agreement is executed on that date_____ of_____ between:- 7. That the seller receives the transfer authorization letter /NOC from the relevant authority with respect to the aforementioned property in favor of the buyer/seller and that the seller pays all fees, charges, taxes, etc., with respect to the aforementioned property in the relevant division/authority. 6. That the first seller has assured the buyer of the second party, that the immovable property to be sold to the second party under this agreement is exempt from any type of charges, mortgage, given, sold, pledge, seizure, seizure, seizure, pledge, pledge, rental contract(s), stop(s), non-prescription(s), acquisition(s) of accessories, etc., and if a defect belongs to the first party with respect to a) the first party is exclusively liable for all costs, expenses, damages suffered by the second party, which the second party can recover from the person and other characteristics of the first party by the seizure and sale of it for open sale. ______ SON OF _______ INHABITANTS OF ______ (hereinafter referred to as BUYER) of Part Two. . . . .

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