Articles Of Agreement In Construction

The owner. land for the construction of a multi-storey building on the land may issue a call for tenders from one or more contractors. The tenderer shall submit in his tender a general description of the works, plans, drawings, specifications and other necessary documents. The bidder shall also provide an estimate of the quantity and cost of materials, labour and other costs and terms of payment. After examination of the offer and after consultation with the owner`s architect, an agreement is concluded with the contractor. The owner may show his architect the plans, drawings, specifications and other documents for construction purposes. As a general rule, “the construction agreement between the owner and the contractor contains details of the work to be carried out and the rights and obligations of the owner and the contractor, as well as the role that the architect will play in the completion of the work. The construction agreement provides, inter alia, that the contractor shall make available the necessary labour, materials, water, installations and machinery. The Contractor shall carry out the Work in accordance with the plans, drawings, specifications and documents agreed upon by the Parties. Both parties are guided at each step by the architect`s instructions. The construction, the type of construction, the defective construction, the renovation work of a defective construction are decided and guided by the architect.

The progress of the work and the terms of payment to the contractor are expressly provided. The deadline for the completion of the works, its execution and compensation for late works and climbing costs should be fixed. The responsibility for obtaining the necessary penalties and building certificates, water and electricity connections should lie with the contractor, who is obliged to obtain the certificates of completion from the municipality concerned. The owner is responsible for additions or modifications to the agreed plan at the same price as for the work carried out under the contract. The owner must be exempted from any liability to third parties as a result of an accident occurring during the execution of the works by the contractor and the exclusive responsibility lies with the contractor, who takes all precautions. All materials put on the site and used during construction must be paid for and unused materials must be removed immediately after construction. The owner is not responsible for workers or suppliers of goods or services, nor for the payment of invoices, taxes or obligations related to said construction. Pending the completion of the proof of construction and completion by the holder, the holder shall not be entitled to payment of the final accounts. . .


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