Handy Service Professional Agreement

Hello, thank you for being an independent service provider on the mobile platform! Our professional 24/7 support team strives to respond as quickly as possible to all urgent and non-urgent issues. You can view more information about your work classification by reading the professional terms of use that you agreed to when you joined the mobile platform. As a professional, you have two main ways to directly contact your customers via the hidden phone number generated the day before, the day after a job. You can also use the in-app chat feature at any time as long as you have worked with that client. We will pass on your feedback on bonuses to our team. I think they break certain laws when it comes to calling us independent contractors, because I`ve done some research on the fact that as an independent contractor you can set your own prices and hire people to do the job, and with practically you can`t do both. Manually control where you`re going, what things you need to do, when you need to be there, and how long you need to wait before leaving if the customer isn`t there. This type of control is rather on the side of the company`s employees. 3. They won`t allow you to contact your customer before the penalty window, which means that if you try to contact the customer to see everything that needs to be done and you will discover that it is too much for you and you want to cancel, you can only do so if you receive money deducted from the cancellation and not before. 4. There is no bonus for completing a certain number of jobs, I have completed a considerable number of jobs and I do not receive any incentives. 5.

If you have an emergency or your car is not working, so you cannot get to the customer, you will receive a penalty of $50 for a non-appointment and if you try to explain the reason, next time they will simply say that you cancel earlier and they will not withdraw your fine. one. The Mobile Platform may allow you to access our Services, download our applications, upload content to the Mobile Platform and receive messages on your mobile device (together “Mobile Features”). Your mobile operator may prohibit or restrict certain mobile features, and some mobile features may not be compatible with your mobile operator or mobile device.

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