Keller Williams Agency Agreement

PERIOD OF PROTECTION: The buyer pays the broker`s compensation if, within 90 days of the date of termination, the buyer makes the purchase of real estate brought to the attention of the broker or another person or found by the buyer during the term of this agreement. The buyer`s obligation to pay brokerage fees is extinguished when the buyer enters into an exclusive brokerage contract in good faith with another broker after the date of termination. My new broker has been aggressive and extremely rude on 3 different occasions. It`s been a week and a half since I signed an agreement with him, we saw five different qualities. I get to a point where I hold a different property from above, where I`ve already seen, where I end up making an offer. On one occasion, he comes with me by phone and tells me that I don`t need to work with you, that I chat more, then hangs up to call me a few minutes later and apologize to me. On the last occasion, during the ongoing negotiations, he sends me an email in which, when I refused an offer and told him that after days of going back and forth by email, I am no longer interested, “he only responds with so much money and you refuse? You think it`s a game, you`re wasting another broker`s time. Beyond my experience that this broker was really bad from the beginning and that I wanted to get away from it as much as possible, I am tired of the clause of the agreement I signed with him. I really feel like if it was another agent, I would have already closed the house I negotiated. He made my whole experience really unpleasant, I was both anxious and nervous that I couldn`t trust this guy, even though the seller and I agreed. It`s time to continue. Thank you all for your help, I appreciate it very much. I fired our first real estate agent. I just read in the contract, what gave me the opportunity to terminate the contract, it is usually related to the fact that they did not do their job.

So I wrote an email, listed several cases where he didn`t respond in time (etc.) and thanked you for your help, but we are termating this agreement with immediate effect. The other strange part is when I look at the terms of the contract again: 10/1/17 Update: I know a lot of people have suggested just reporting it to the broker and dealing with it. . .

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